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Why would you whitewash Josephine

Why would you be so racist and gross



…… wow…. it’s pretty insane how changing her like that made her not want to romance her at all… I kinda actually retched a bit… I totally agree with the comment under the picture…. This is indeed why we can’t have nice things…. 

they even got rid of her freggan beauty mark… I was lovin’ all over that

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To the person who bought her- Couldn’t find your information but I recieved payment so here’s the pictures I got :)

She doesn’t have a name or personality, I hardly touched her once I got her, so she’s all yours to do with as you please.

Garrrggghhhh, asks aren’t working (they don’t seem to be sending at all) and I totally forgot to put my personal email in the payment. thank you though!!! I’ll totally try to force my personal email to you somehow…. 

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remember these, kids? they used to be so popular on deviantART way back in like 2008 and i remember i used to be so pumped about doing one, though i never really did. so, last night i even had a dream about doing one of these, so i put together some scenarios and here we are, haha! feel free to reblog or save the template for yourself if it catches your fancy! 

This looks like it’d be a disaster and I want to do it.

I can’t seem to manage anything I actually like lately, even if I have time, so maybe a little of this could help?? Sorry, everyone u_u

I need to try this, I have enough OCs… I think